Thursday, September 27, 2012

online meanderings

Bearing with one another - When your feelings are hurt. Another beautiful post from Nicole.

The key to any effective ministry - Dave Dunham on ministry in a difficult place, and what it's taught him about all ministry.

He's simple but not a simpleton - Put down the marriage books and get on with loving. Brilliant simplicity from the husband of Kim Shay.

Marching for Allah (1) what should we say about the Muslim protests? - First in a fascinating series about how cultures view reality differently. Nathan Lovell.

10 ways I try to be a better dad - A great bunch of suggestions from Bay Warburton.

Blogs are not enough - Please read books as well! Joe Thorn.
A young mother chose to do her washing in the local laundrette because it was a useful meeting point for developing links with other local mothers. In her scale of values, deepening of relationships with neighbours was more important than the convenience of doing her washing at home, even though she possessed her own washing machine. Roy Joslin

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