Wednesday, September 26, 2012

online meanderings

Impoverished by giving - An encouragement for the times when we regret the cost of the ways we have chosen to serve. For mothers and others. Catherine.

Communicating with Carly about autism - An autistic woman writes a letter about her struggle with doubt and her journey to a "reasoned" faith. Lori Sealy.

Joy in the midst of hope deferred - Trusting God when the hopes we have for life and ministry collapse: learning from Samuel Rutherford. Mike Leake.

The devolution of marriage - It's fascinating to see how our understanding of marriage has changed over the years. Phillip Jensen HT Gordon Cheng.

Accountability groups: a barrier to honesty - What happens when accountability groups focus on sin rather than the Saviour. Tullian Tchividjian.

Giving historical biographies to the church - Here's a list of useful resources: inspiring talks about well-known figures like Augustine and Luther by Piper and Haykin. Justin Taylor
The mind is no different from the body. Too often we feed our minds with rubbish – intellectual donuts and coke. This might be pulp novels, gossip magazines, reality television shows, shock-comedy, poorly written or argued works, or simply those books and articles that propagate untruth. When we consume this type of material in quantity our minds become fat and sluggish...A steady diet of faulty worldviews, incorrect assumptions, and blatant vainglory will do the same for your mind as a steady diet of coke, donuts, and cheeseburgers do for your body. Barnabas Piper

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