Tuesday, September 25, 2012

online meanderings

The devolution of marriage - It's fascinating to see how our understanding of marriage has changed over the years. Phillip Jensen HT Gordon Cheng.

Joy in the midst of hope deferred - Trusting God when the hopes we have for life and ministry collapse: learning from Samuel Rutherford. Mike Leake.

Ask for tolerance - "If you’re placed in a situation where you suspect your convictions will be labeled intolerant...turn the tables." Gregory Koukl.

What I'm learning about younger women - Teaching younger women is not just about marriage and family, but about sound doctrine and how to apply it to all of life. "Singleness is not meant to be endured; it's meant to be lived." Kim Shay.

Solving Generation Y's passion problem - "Find your passion": the rise and impact of a damaging phrase. This reminds me of a great talk I heard a few years back showing how Christians confuse "passion" with "purpose". Cal Newport.
This temptation confronts us every time we go online: to neglect the business God has given us to do today in favor of reading about, and in some cases, meddling in the business of others. Carolyn Mahaney (and see Not only idlers and Staying busy)

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