Saturday, September 22, 2012

online meanderings

Singleness and chastity are hard, so why wait? - A thoughtful, real article. Anna Broadway.

Why I don't run family devotions around the dinner table - Another excellent idea from Jodie. Wouldn't work for us, but it might for you!

The different gifts of ministry wives - Helpful insights that might help us stop comparing ourselves with each other and get on with serving. Richard Coekin

Dear pastors, please quit picking on video games - Laziness and irresponsibility can be expressed in all kinds of ways. Here are some of them. Stephen Altrogge.

The Christian celebrity - I've experienced "transferred expertise", and I love Challies' advice about how to handle it. (I also enjoyed these thoughts about how to make blogging sustainable from Keven DeYoung.)
It may be subtle, but often, our service can be less about the object of our worship and more about ourselves...When service is done for the accolades or the pat on the back, it has stopped being an act of worship. Kim Shay

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