Tuesday, September 18, 2012

online meanderings

The race-transcending gospel - Such an encouragement to share our faith with everyone and anyone without fear or prejudice! Trillia Newbell.

Counselling the hard cases - Yes, God can help - even with the really hard cases. Interesting reflections on severe mental disorders, porn addiction, and so on. Matt Smethurst.

The pleasures and sorrows of work - Can we know our "calling"? Or is this a modern, Western idea - even a "cruel" idea - grafted onto Christianity? Some interesting thoughts here. Alain de Botton via Ali.

Learn to be a ‘there you are’ person rather than a ‘here I am’ person - Read this if you walk in the door and instantly feel uncomfortable and wonder what people think of you. Jani Ortlund.

How to pray for your husband - A great list for married women to print out and tuck into your Bibles. Shared by Susie.


Nicole G said...

Thanks jean for this encouragement for what to pray for our husbands. I remember a few months back you had a link to a post on what to pray for our sons. Ive got that one printed out and in my bible. I'm now going to add this one for husbands.

I was wondering if you had any links to anything helpful and concise about how to pray for our daughters??

thanks for your encouragement on your blog

Jean said...

Wish I did! That would be worth writing, wouldn't it? Maybe I could ask everyone what they pray for their daughters on this blog and make a list.

I can share one prayer we pray regularly for ours: "Please help Lizzy to grow to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, [and sometimes I add] and to treat other people beautifully."

We sometimes pray for our little boys to "grow up to be mighty men of God"! :)

Love Jean.