Wednesday, September 5, 2012

online meanderings

I'm trying something new: 5 favourite links, once or twice a week, instead of stacks every Friday. Tell me if it's helpful!

Be inconvenienced by inconvenience - A wonderful, challenging post from Challies.

On mission, changing the world, and not being able to do it all. - For those of us who feel guilty because we can't do it all. Kevin DeYoung.

On slowing down - How to slow down when you read the Bible. Meredith.

The power of a dependable father - Check out the brilliant idea for 1,2,3 prayer triplets in the second last paragraph. Phillip Jensen.

When despair is our only song and How to pray when you're depressed - two very helpful posts on praying the Psalms when you're depressed. Eric Redmond and Mark Kelly.

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