Friday, September 7, 2012

the joy of starting school

It's a magical time, the year a child starts school. This is the last year I'll see it first-hand. I'll miss the confidence and optimism of a child this age: awards are received with pride, a teacher is beloved, friends are treasured, and one's own abilities are boundless.

At the start of the year I interviewed Andy about starting school. Here are some snapshots from the year so far.

Andy on his teacher:

"Miss M. has a beautiful name, doesn't she Grandma?"

"Miss M can see from the back of her head. She really can, Mummy!" And then, as he realised that this might not actually be true, "Well, at least her eyes see out sideways more than most people's."

Andy on humility:

"I am looking forward to the school disco 'cos I am a really good dancer!" (He took one look and decided that a disco wasn't really to his liking.)

"I am the most popular kid in the school because all the kids know me!" (A slightly inaccurate self-assessment based on the blessing of having 2 older brothers.)

Andy on his learning goals:

Term 1. "My goal is to hold my breath for longer."

Term 2. "My goal is to make new friends." (He wanted to keep his goal from term 1, but the teacher suggested this instead.)

Term 3. "My goals are to read more fluently and to learn the sounds of 'y'."

The way the goals change, from light-hearted to earnest to academic, makes me a little sad about the whole growing-up thing.

Andy on friendship:

Since his term 2 goal was "to make new friends", Andy did just that. Soon he was playing not just with Toby, his best friend from preschool, but also with Matilda and Lauren.

When asked how he was enjoying his new friendships, he answered,

"Yes, 'cos I'm achieving my goals."

Did I mention that Andy is both practical and determined? Now he's achieved that goal, he's back to playing with Toby again.

But Andy also has a soft heart. One day Lauren was feeling sad, and Andy talked with her and cheered her up. When I said it was good to see him being kind, he answered,

"O' course! 'Cos that's what friends do."

Names have been changed throughout this post.

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Jenny said...

Aww-how lovely that you've recorded all this. So gorgeous. I feel a little sad that I've reached the same stage as you but also feel much joy as they all enjoy being at school together and share that experience together. My daughter adores her teacher-he is all knowing and cannot ever be wrong. He is a young guy with no kids of his own. Sometimes when he's obviously had enough he gets them outside and they have to play tips and he's in. He gets them running around the playground like mad things. So fun to see.