Sunday, September 23, 2012

online meanderings

The mundane work of the Spirit - Sandy takes up my challenge to start a post with the words, "I burst into tears". Except he didn't. But close. And it's a gorgeous post.

My daily Bible and prayer time: a new strategy - I love the way Nicole keeps working at finding a way to read the Bible and pray, whatever her circumstances!

Praying for your pastor - One finger less than a handful of helpful prayers. Joe Thorn.

Same-sex attraction and the inevitably of change - A fair and loving article by Piper.

Things I've quit doing at my desk - This is actually really helpful! Justin Jackson.
Do you see what the phone does? There’s a great irony buried within it. The cell phone, a device meant to enhance my communication with others, can increase my ability to communicate with those who are far from me, but this often comes at the cost of communication with my own wife and children—those closest to me. Tim Challies

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